Support Pup Community

Where we help each other Wag More and Growl Less!

About Me

Hi! I'm Support Pup Cooper. I was born into the world a lover, dreamer, fighter, and someone who has always wanted to make the world a better place. As a kiddo, teen, and young adult, I faced plenty of hardships, bullying, stigma and shame because I was queer, and then went through it all over again as a kinkster. I'll always be healing, we all are. In 2021, I decided it was time to take my work as a sexuality educator, coach, advocate and ally to my own community.

As a Support Pup, I educate and coach fellow pups and kinksters about  sexuality and relationships. Everywhere my paws take me and my voice howls, I spread the message to pups that we all are better when we are inclusive, positive, affirming, and focused on getting the best from our sexuality and relationships! 

Why You Should Join

When you join, you'll be part of building an inclusive, affirming, kink and sex-positive pup community where we get real, heal, and grow together so we can ALL wag more and growl less!

Pup play is a fast-growing community and there's not a lot of resources out there so people often feel alone figuring it all out. Am I a pup? A kinkster? A social pup? A spicy pup? How do I find others? Do I come out? Where's the best gear? Am I doing this right? 

Pupping can be a blast and a source of great pride and connection. It can also open up the door to many of the same problems faced within the general LGBTQ and BDSM/kink communities. The Support Pup Community is a place where we dig in and explore all these nuances and connect authentically with each other away from the censors of social media.

A Big Thanks

I know my journey is also in progress and I always have more to learn! That’s why I see my work as a community-builder for all of us in the pup community. I want to grow and be a part of helping others grow too! Thank you for being a part of this community with me!